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Island Organizers is a member of the NPM Coalition and has pledged to get the word out
help clients and friends to prepare for emergencies.


Take Action Today to Protect YOUR Business!
"Disaster Planning For Businesses"
Learn 5 Steps to Stay in Business


  • 4 @ 1 hour coaching sessions

  • Worksheets: e.g., Risk Identification, Continuity Plan

  • Island Organizers' Vital Docs Webinar & Guidebook

  • One-year subscription to Safely Filed 


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Disaster Planning For Business

Organize Your Vital Documents


September is National Preparedness Month

Disaster Preparedness - Take Part - Prepare

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Preparing for a Medical Emergency  <>  Your Disaster Plan Is Not Just A Kit

Disaster Prep for Business: How Will You Stay In Business

Your Vital Documents - Are You Prepared for Disaster?

Vital Documents Services For Individuals & DYIers + NPM Special

Teleclass Recording: NPM: Your Disaster Plan is Not Just A Kit

Webinar Recording: Organizing Vital Documents



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 Professional Organizers Help During
September "National Preparedness Month"

Honolulu, Hawaii -- Island Organizers, a local professional organizing firm, encourages all Hawaii residents to prepare for emergencies during National Preparedness Month (NPM) in September. The Department of Homeland Security’s Ready Campaign sponsors NPM to motivate people across the country to take action and prepare for emergencies.

“Hurricanes, fires, earthquakes, thefts and loss of life are devastating - emotionally, physically and financially,” says Donna D. McMillan, a principal at Island Organizers. “These major life-changing events make us even more aware that we must be prepared - at all times - for any type of loss or disaster. The best plan is do it now, while there is time and it's foremost in your mind. Later could be too late!!”

Island Organizers helps clients to create an emergency plan. They recommend that clients designate a “Ready Zone” in their homes and/or offices. This can be a closet, cupboard or a corner of the garage that can accommodate items in their emergency kit. In addition to basic items such as water, canned foods, a first aid kit, blankets, flashlights, battery-powered radio and extra batteries, Island Organizers advises clients to include:

  • A reminder list of items to snatch up if evacuation is required. Items such as cash and traveler’s checks, a laptop, charger and surge protector may be forgotten in a panic situation.
  • Copies of documents such as insurance policies, bank account information, personal identification and an address book stored in a waterproof box or plastic bag
  • A small toolkit
  • Change of clothes and towels
  • Prescription glasses and medicines
  • Cell phone charger
  • Computer backup media

Part of emergency preparedness includes having an evacuation plan. “Family members should designate a place to meet, agree to call an out of town contact during an emergency and know their children’s school procedures as part of their evacuation plan,” says Karen L. Simon of Island Organizers. “Knowing who to call and where to go when an emergency happens helps people to remain calm during a crisis.”

Island Organizers joins the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO – www.napo.net) to educate and motivate their clients, local businesses and the community to take action to prepare for emergencies during National Preparedness Month. As a premier professional organizing service, Island Organizers offers hands-on organizing, training and technology consulting services, to efficiently manage time, space and information. For more information, visit www.islandorganizers.com.

For details about National Preparedness month, visit www.ready.gov or call 1-800-BE-READY.


September is National Preparedness Month - IslandOrganizers.com
National Preparedness Month


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What did you enjoy most about the workshop?
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“Speaker was enthusiastic! Creative!”
“I can actually apply all what I’ve learned to work. Very helpful & my real estate will be totally organized.”
Use of containers & labeling. Team exercise.”
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