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Professional Organizing and Productivity Consultants
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offices in Honolulu & Los Angeles, with virtual services available worldwide
Solving The Organizing Puzzle NEW BOOK
How To Become & STAY Organized
  • enjoy peace of mind
  • freedom from clutter
  • reduce stress
  • live the luxury of being organized
  • more time for fun
  • enjoy peace of mind

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ORGANIZING TODAY  Island Organizers

Small Businesses,
Solopreneurs &
Busy Professionals

  • Stop losing opportunities because you're not organized

  • Don't run your business on Chaos & Overwhelm

  • If you can't find something in 30 seconds, you're wasting precious & valuable time

  • No more wasting space, energy & money

On-site & "Virtual" Sessions
Solutions for your ...

  • Office / Workspace

  • Home Office

  • Filing System

  • Workflow

  • Storage Space

  • Clutter Control

  • Time Management

  • Staff Training

  • Computers

  • Digital Devices

  • Productivity

  • Efficiency

  • Effectiveness

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How Has Becoming
Organized Changed
YOUR Life?
What's your success story?

What does PARADISE mean for your workspace, digital & personal world?
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Disorganization and Clutter Are Expensive "For every minute spent in organizing,
an hour is earned." -- Benjamin Franklin

How much money is this costing your company?  How much personal free time is it costing you?  Here are a few facts and figures: read more 


Today, becoming and staying organized are not a luxury, they're a necessity.  In both offices and home offices, clutter and chaos happen for a reason, sometimes for several reasons.  An organized workspace increases concentration, effectiveness and productivity.  Organizing decreases wasted time, energy, space and money. It is possible to reduce the stress, chaos and clutter.  read more


"Being organized means being able to quickly find whatever you need whenever you need it!
It's not about being tidy.  Everything deserves a 'home'."


"Organizing is a 'process' ...  it's not a one-day project."
We start where you are now ... and take you to a new level and beyond!


Enjoy peace of mind, have more time for fun, reduce stress, experience freedom from clutter.
You deserve an organized office, home office, computer and life!


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